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Restrict Access Rights for your Sales Representatives

Reason For Update:

We have added an optional security feature where you can restrict Sales Representatives to see only their own sales and leads. By limiting internal access to company data exercises data privacy and security for your business. 

We have placed an optional, sensible control in place to allow employees to do their jobs, while keeping others out. 

Decide what’s best for your team. 

If you would like to set this in place for your sales representatives, please visit the Admin section of your menu and click ‘Manage Users’. (The user must be allocated a ‘Sales’ role in the CRM to see this option)

Find the user you wish to add the restriction to and press the edit button on the far right-hand side

By toggling the Yes | No button beside ‘View Only Own Sales’ this will either set or lift the restriction. Amendments can be made at any time by the Subscription or Super admin. 

On clicking save, these amendments will be immediate. Please advise your team of the changes.

We want you to get the most out of your Business Pilot subscription. So, we provide a variety of How To videos and help guides. Please visit https://businesspilot.co.uk/knowledgebase/ for details.

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