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Schedule board updates, admin & manage areas, plus more!

Reason for update:  To ensure you are continuously getting the most out of Business Pilot we are always looking at possible development within the CRM. The schedule board has seen multiple updates this time. From Schedule board exports to additional information being featured within the job card, plus to make sure you can still manage all your data within our ever growing system, we have made some changes within the admin area, making it easily operated.

Schedule Board

The schedule board, the heart of Business Pilot, features multiple updates & developments in this release to further improve and enhance the ease and efficiency of scheduling!

  • Job Card Information – The biggest visual change in this update is to the initial Job Card information when Scheduling from the Holding Area at the top of the board.

The information displayed within the job card has been updated to pull in more of the Contract information to make scheduling a job even easier.

This now pulls through contact name/number, install address, distance/time to site all of which are relevant when trying to schedule, especially for half or part day jobs.

We have also added contract type, surveyor, product type/interest as well as the salesman.

Lastly, the Install Instruction box now pulls through in this area and is editable from the point of booking as well. This is still accessed from the Fitting tab in the contract but any tweaks can be added at booking for viewing In-App for example.

  • Survey Appointments on schedule board – Alongside service calls in the schedule board, this toggle also now shows surveys on the schedule board, these will appear in green (as they do in the diary) to differentiate from service calls.
  • Schedule board exports – We have added an option to export the schedule board data into excel. This can be exported as the current week view or the whole board. This will pull through information which would be populated from the schedule and contract such as contract type, job value (gross and net),  contract details and date booked.

This is linked to a new report available from the ‘Reports’ tab (admin or reports role required). We have amended our Financial Fitting Report to be run either by ‘Grouped’ or ‘By Day’.

  • Current date highlight in schedule – The current date within the schedule board is now highlighted with an ear mark on the right hand corner of the date to

Updated Admin & Manage areas

Due to the continuous development of the system our admin area list has grown over the last 12-18 months. In order to make the list more manageable we have consolidated the Admin area and grouped relevant functions of the system in to sub-menus dependent on what you are looking to manage.

Default Job Costs and Stock Assignment Cost

Currently within the Manage Company settings there is a toggle for Job Costs Exports – Yes/No which automatically defaults to Yes . We have now added an additional toggle for assigning Stock Costs which will default to no. If you wish to toggle this on, this must be amended in admin> company & users> manage company.

Task Calendar

When adding a task we have moved the pop up to the right hand side adjacent to the calendar button. Previously this tab was appearing on the left hand side so it has been moved for quicker and smoother operation.

Removal of £0.00 on Purchase Orders

When adding purchase orders a £0.00/€0.00 value automatically appeared in the value column which would have to be overwritten. Due to customer feedback this has been removed so it is now an empty input field.

Please note you do not have to enter the currency when adding a value. This will still default automatically.

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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