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Service Area Update & Improvements

Reason For Update: We have made a number of changes and additions to the Service Call area of the CRM to help with the management of calls and reporting of data. The major headlines of these are as below:

Service Call Sheet Additions 🔧

We have added an Estimated Time On Site field to the CRM, this will display in the Service Grid area to assist with schedule planning and diary booking and also the Service Call Sheet. The Est. Time of Site is set within the Service Call itself as shown below:

Other additions to the Service Grid display include splitting the Address lines for easier sorting by Town/Post code for scheduling by area. We have also broken up the customer column to Customer Name and Contract number to improve searching.

Additions to the Service Call Sheet & Export

Furthermore, we have added the Original Install Team/Teams to the Service call Excel export between Call Type & Reason for Call. We have also included this field on to the service sheet as seen below.

In addition we have also added the ‘Estimated Time on Site’ to the sheet alongside ‘Time Arrived’ & ‘Time Left’ for reporting on time allocation for calls.

Default Columns in Lead & Contract Grid

Within each of the main Grids on BP we have added an option for interchangeable fields designed to suit your specific requirements. In order to try and ensure you always have the most relevant information available to you when managing data from the Grids we have also expanded the number of ‘fields’ available to view within the columns. These can also be ‘dragged and dropped’ in to any order you wish to show the most important columns first/last etc.

Please note that these will reset to the default fields after a period of inactivity for over 48 hours, ie if you do not log in to a particular grid within a 48 hour period the settings will revert. However, for grids used daily your settings will remain for easy use.

All appropriate fields can be selected while choosing which columns to show on the main leads/contracts grids this allows users to default their view to their desired columns on a per grid basis.

Please see an example of the column options and how to configure them in this ‘How To Video’ below.

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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