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Smaller Updates and Fixes

Reason for Update: 
Business Pilot goes through development each week and is being improved behind the scenes, we’ve got some great updates on the way to you.
Let’s see what we got up to last week…
New ‘All Leads’ Page 

Within Business Pilot we have ‘Live’ and ‘Lost’ Leads, now we have introduced ‘All Leads’, this grid enables us to have a ‘Lead Status Summary’ in connection with out Status Progression Update.

New ‘All Contracts’ Page 

Following suit, we have introduced a ‘All Contracts’ page, which in the same fashion allows us to enable a ‘Contract Status Summary’.

This plays hand in hand with Status Progression in more ways than one. Due to this release the follow-up column within the main lead grid has been removed as there is no longer only one. This has been replaced with ‘Open Lead Tasks’ within the Main Menu for ‘Admin’ level users. This management tool allows you to keep an eye on where your team is with their tasks at any given time.


Tasks have their own tab within the Lead/Contract where you can see a list of all historic and future tasks set. Within the Lead/ Contract page you will find a new tab at the top of the page called ‘Tasks’ which will also turn red if there are any tasks overdue to create extra attention to this area.

The change from ‘Follow-Ups’ which have been superseded and replaced by ‘Tasks’ which means you are no longer limited to one follow-up as now you can create multiple tasks at any given time.

The concept of the ‘Task’ is exactly the same as the ‘Follow Up’ in that it can be set for a specific user for a given date. Tasks are also still displayed in the dashboard areas as before. However, you can now have multiple tasks running concurrently in one job, allowing for multiple owners.

Remember, if you haven’t already checked our Status Progression release notice, please click the button at the top of this update. Some big changes are coming. 
Invoice Tab:

We have added an addition visual cue to the invoices tab when an outstanding invoice exceeds it’s due date. 

The tab heading on the Contracts page will be shaded red to bring more immediate attention and focus to this area. 

Customer with Multiple Live Contracts?

We have included a quick access link as you can see in the image above ‘Customer has 1 additional active contracts’, if you click here a list of the other contacts for this customer will appear, even better they are linked directly to those contracts they reference too. 

These pages open in new tabs so you can browse multiple contracts without needing to go back on yourself. 

Role Changes & Permissions:

We have reviewed our Super Admin, Admin roles respectively. 

This role was required to enable the user to amend the image name in both the Lead and Contract page, however we have relaxed this and enabled this for all users. 

Job Costs Excel Export:

Our Job Cost export (excel only) includes some amendments and additional columns so you can making auditing easier by extracting the data in one place, these columns include: 

  1. Customer Name
  2. PO Order Contact
  3. PO Special Instruction Notes 
  4. Install Start Date 
  5. The Reference Column was set to merge the PO Number and the Invoice Number which have been separated 
  6. The VAT total column was showing the Nett value of the contract rather than the VAT element which has been amended.

Our PO Export (excel only) have has an amendment and addition too:

  1. Contract Name and Contract Number have been split.
  2. Special Instruction Notes have been added
Trade Jobs in Schedule Holding Bay

We have make it possible for Trade customers to show in the Schedule ‘to be booked’ drop down

Trade Customers can be set as Trade in the contact page, once these jobs convert to a contract these will default to supply only, if you have fitting allocated for this job you can click ‘Supply Only’ pictured below to change this to ‘Supply & Fit’. Once fit days have been assigned these will pull through to the drop down menu within the schedule board reducing the requirement for manual bookings and enables more efficient job tracking.

Fitting Values

To wrap this weeks update up, we’ve had a few queries on our fitting financial report so we wanted to send a quick ‘how it works’ notice through to explain the how the figures are calculated.

The Fitting Value is taken from the ‘Contract Value’ divided by the ‘Number of Fit Days’. eg, a £4,000 contract with 2 days will be £2,000 per day. 

Therefore, with 2 allocated days your fitting report and fitting tab will read an installed value of £4,000 as you would expect. 

If a Manual Day is added to the Schedule Board, that is NOT a Remedial Day, then this will add a Further Installation Day to the Report and Tab at the determined day rate, in this case £2,000. This will cause your Installation value to be inflated and give a total of £6,000 for the 3 days.

In order for the report to be accurate any Manual Added day must be adjusted within the Fitting Days, eg, Increase the days from 2 to 3 days. This will dilute your Day Rate to £1,333.33 which is then correct to the days on site. 

However, we would recommend you are using the Remedial Day facility to create the most accurate reports. This allows you to add a value or zero rate to the installation day giving you a truer reflection of the day rate on the job if you overrun or have to go back.

Thank you to everyone that have got in touch regarding an improvement or a bug, we appreciate it. If you’ve spotted something that doesn’t look right please contact Business Pilot Support on 01494 211152. 
We want you to get the most out of your Business Pilot subscription. So, we provide a variety of How To videos and help guides. 
Please visit https://businesspilot.co.uk/knowledgebase for details.

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