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Survey Required?

Reason for update:

Previously the system allowed for a surveyor allocation to all leads meaning if one was not required then the contract information would show ‘not allocated’ under the surveyor reference which could cause some confusion. We felt it more accurate to manage the survey requirement by setting whether a survey is actually required in the first instance.

We’ve added a field in the lead below the Sales Person field which is one of the ‘Yes/No’ switches with the label ‘Survey Required?’

If Yes is clicked the existing field for the Surveyor and the ability to book the surveyor appointment is then shown.

If no, then this is hidden.

The default option is ‘Yes’, Surveys are required by default. 

If the Survey is set to ‘No’ then this detail would pull through on Contract page as Survey Not Required. 

However, should you need to apply a survey to a contract at a later date this can be changed from either within the lead or directly in the contract at that time.

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