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Update: New purchase order features, new placeholders and additional export features

Reason For Update: It may have been a few weeks, but don’t panic we have an assortment of updates for you. Our last update we mentioned some exciting developments which are incoming soon and we can’t wait to share these with you, but to ensure we are continually improving the CRM we have some great smaller pieces of development to give you in the interim

Unassigned Provisional Suppliers

Under the ‘Orders’ tab we have introduced ‘Unassigned Provisional Suppliers’ grid which you can filter and add additional columns where required.

This grid shows you a list of all unactioned provisional suppliers, where a purchase order has not been added following the provisional supplier being added in the Contract. Like all our grids this can also be exported to excel.

Delivery Shortfall Text Box

Within the deliveries tab, we have added a text box for “Delivery Shortfall Reason” to input a reason for those situations where your deliveries are not fully fulfilled

When you have inserted the reason for the incomplete delivery this will populate into the notes section within the contract.

Multiple Product Types in Lead Grid

Within the lead grid we have added ‘Product 1’, ‘Product 2’ and ‘Product 3’ as extra columns.

In the Lead area, you have 3 “Product type” options to select. You can now view all of these within the Lead grid where necessary and filter them.

Additional columns in Contract Grid

We have also added two additional column options within the Contract Grid as well for the ‘Fitting Required’ & ‘Show on Fit Board’ options within the Contract.

As with the other columns when selected these can be filtered to show the contracts where ‘Fitting Required’ and ‘Show on Fit Board’ has been selected or not. Making those occasions where you may have accidently missed toggling those buttons easier and quicker to rectify!

Reports Default Type – Retail or Trade

An additional toggle within the Admin ‘Company Settings’ now allows you to select your your default ‘Main Business’ type.

This information will default to your main Contact Type when adding a new contact and also drive the Dashboard & Reports in the MI & Reporting section.

This means for companies with predominantly, or exclusively, Trade business you will no longer need to select this everytime you add a Contact or run a report.

Please note everyone defaults to Retail until changed.

Optional Contract Balance in App

An improvement from our recent update, we recently introduced the Outstanding Balance being displayed in the installer app.

From your feedback we have now implemented a toggle to allow you to select if you would like this to show or not.

If set to No then the Balance will not show on the App.

This can be found under ‘Admin’ > ‘Setting’ > ‘App Settings’. This will display as ‘Show Outstanding Balance in App’.

Optional Company Logo in emails

When emails are sent from Business Pilot, your company logo is the main header within this email. For some Businesses this can take up a large piece of the email. We have implemented a toggle where by you as a Company can decide whether you want your emails to feature your logo within the email header.

This can be toggled off and on within the Admin section under Settings. This will feature below the Web to lead settings.

Placeholder {Contact Main Number} in Email Templates

We have added the placeholder {ContactMainNumber} into email templates. Another great placeholder which saves you time in inserting this into any email.

Email templates are a great and quick way when you may need to send the same email to multiple customers. With the use of placeholders to populate information which is already in your CRM this ensures the details are specific to each customer. Our support team will be happy to discuss with you setting up email template to start saving you precious minutes in your working day!

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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