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Updates: Diary Settings, Credit on Return Added to POs, Contract Adjustment Reason, Visible Export Option & Saved Grid Views in Contracts

It has been a busy couple of months for the Business Pilot Development team and we have big development news coming your way very soon.

In the meantime, we have been working on some other Business Pilot updates from the ideas board to help make your day-to-day quicker and easier – here’s the round-up:

Diary settings – manage default work week & hours

In the diary settings, you can update your default work week and hours to include later days and weekends.

To edit these settings, head to Admin > Company & Users > Diary.

In the settings screen, you can set the work day start and end time and the working week day start and end.

Credit on Return POs

In the Purchase Order details tab, you will now see two new toggles – ‘Credit on Return’ and ‘Credit Received’. These can be used to better manage any expected credits required from suppliers for missing or damaged items.

If the ‘Credit on Return’ toggle is marked as yes, the PO will show in the new Credit on Return POs grid, which you can find under the Orders tab in the main menu.

‘Credit on Return’ and ‘Credit Received’ columns have also been added to the PO and job costs grids to help manage outstanding credits and for audit purposes.

‘Contract Adjustment Reason’ field added to contract adjustment screen

In the contract adjustment screen, we have added a new ‘reason’ field to help you keep track of why contracts are changing. It may have been an upsell by your team, or that the customer has changed their mind, but this keeps a good record of why contracts are being amended.

To add your Value Adjustment reasons, head to Admin > Contract & Products > Value Adjustment Reasons

The reason choice will then automatically be added to the contract adjustment note.

Visible export option added to PO, job cost, service call & contact grids

On all purchase orders, job costs, service call and contact grids, you will see that the ‘Export to Excel’ button now has an additional option called ‘Export Visible to Excel’. Selecting this option will export an Excel workbook just showing the data from the columns that are visible on your current grid view. Selecting ‘Export to Excel’ will download data from all available columns in the grid.

Saved grid views in a contract

We have added the ability to save grid views within a contract in the PO & Service Call tabs – these work in the same way as saved grid views on the main grids. Hit the save icon to save your current view and give it a name so you can select it later.

Custom lead fields added to contact box in contracts

If you have custom lead fields set-up, these details will now show in the contact box of the contract window, to keep your team in the know.

Please note that this update only applies to custom fields added to the lead. Contract custom fields still appear as normal.

To set custom fields, head to Admin > Company & Users > Custom Fields. You can set custom fields for your lead and contract areas. Up to 5 custom fields can be added for each area.

New email toggle for diary bookings

We have added a new email tick box on diary bookings so you can choose whether or not to send an email confirmation to the person you are making the appointment for.

Internal location field added to deliveries tab and PO & deliveries grids

We have added an ‘Internal Location’ field in the deliveries tab, to help you locate items in your stores or warehouse after they have been delivered.

This ‘Internal Location’ information has also been added as a column on the Purchase Order and Delivery grids.

Amend items in PO after they are marked as delivered

We have also added the ability to amend items in a PO after they have been marked as delivered. This is a good failsafe for when items or quantities have been marked as delivered in error.

Last invoice date added to balance outstanding report

In the balance outstanding report, you will now find a new column with the last invoice date for each customer.

Last service call date column added to all contracts grid

On the all contracts grid, you will now find a new column showing the ‘Last Service Call Date’.

To see this column, head to the all contracts grid and select the three dots in any column header, then hover over columns and select ‘Last Service Call Date’.

Install end date column added to live contracts grid

On the live contracts grid you will now find an additional column option for ‘Install End Date’.

To see this column in your grid, select any of the three dots in the column header, hover over columns and tick ‘Install End’.

Survey appointment & last service call column added to deliveries grid & PO grids

We have also added new ‘Survey Appointment’ and ‘Last Service Call’ columns to the deliveries grid & PO grids. To see these in your grid view, select the three dots in any of the column headers, go to Columns and then select ‘Survey Appt’ and/or ‘Last Service Call’.

Demo booked date added to leads grid

On the leads grid, there is now a new column called ‘Sales Appt Booked’ which shows the date and time when the demo/sales appointment was booked in. This is helpful for monitoring the number of sales appointments or demos that are being booked on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annual basis.

Please note this column shows the date and time the appointment was booked, NOT the time and date of the Sales Appointment itself. The time and date of Sales Appointments can be seen in the ‘Sales Appt’ column.

‘PO Remake’ & ‘Route of Issue’ columns added to job costs grids

On the job costs grid, we have added two new columns – ‘PO Remake’ & ‘Route of Issue’. To see these columns, select the three dots next to any of the column headers, hover over column and select the column you want to see.

Remember in all Business Pilot grids, you can drag and drop columns into any order and save your view so you can easily see the information you need every time you’re in a grid. Just hit the save icon in the top right of the grid and name your Saved View to access it later.

We hope these Business Pilot updates are helpful for you and your team! Remember to keep sending us your ideas for system updates so we can add them into our development plans for 2024.

If you have any problems with any of these new functions, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team via the live chat or on 0333 050 7632

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