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New CERTASS Export Template & Report, Manage Payment Types, MI Improvements, New Sales Management User Dashboard and New Stock Valuation Report!

Business Pilot is about making those daily tasks easier and quicker and we are continuously discussing our, and your, development ideas.

This update brings our NEW CERTASS export template and report! We’ve also made further improvements to the MI People and Sales Dashboard, Payment Types as well as a NEW Sales Management Dashboard and Stock Valuation Report!

CERTASS Export Template and Report

We have created a CERTASS export template for those businesses who use CERTASS to register their installations. To enable the CERTASS export, you will need to select ‘CERTASS’ as the self certification scheme in your company settings in the Admin area.

Please note, if you have previously registered installations with FENSA, the system will keep the self certification scheme option as this. If you haven’t yet selected a self certification scheme option or are a new onboarded system, the system will default this to ‘Other (Glazing)’. If you are a Solar business, you can change the option to ‘Other (Non-Glazing)’.

Once this has been enabled, you will need to fill in the self certification details under the Guarantees section within the contract. The fields are specific to the CERTASS registration.

Once the details have been added, the CERTASS export can be found in the reports area. Please note, you will need to select the correspondence address and ‘Export?’ toggle to yes in the Contract Guarantees Tab, to enable the CERTASS installation detail to appear in the reports area. You can select the date range you’d like to run the export/report to and from.

Manage Payment Types

We have introduced a ‘Manage Payment Types’ within the Admin area. You will be able to add additional payment types by selecting the ‘+ Add New’ button.

You can also delete payment options you don’t use by selecting the red ‘Delete’ button.

All of the previously defaulted payment types will be listed to avoid any historic issues but you will be able to manage this moving forward.

Please note, you can not delete payment types you have previously used but no longer want displayed as a payment option. These will need to be marked as unactive to no longer show as a payment method.

Please see our How To video on using this function.

MI – Salesman by Lead Source on Sales Dashboard

Within the People and Sales Dashboard, each salesperson can now be expanded in order to see the Lead Source breakdown. The same also applies to the Sales Areas.

You will notice that the chart besides the salespersons will change when the ‘+’ is selected, to a lead source breakdown for each person.

We have also included an option to export the full salesperson breakdown with Lead Sources or without. The export button can be found above the chart breakdown on the right-hand side of the screen.

Sales Management User Dashboard

We have introduced a new Sales Management Dashboard which shows company wide figures rather than individual figures like the Sales Dashboard.

You can add the Sales Management Dashboard within the Admin area, under ‘Manage Users’.

Cache on Dashboard Toggle for Sales Dashboard

We have increased the Cache on the dashboard toggle for the Sales Dashboard. If you change the provisional or confirmed toggle, the system will keep the change made so you no longer need to change the option each time. This is the same for the Sales Management dashboard too.

Stock Valuation Report

We have created a Stock Valuation Report which will report on unallocated stock levels. The report runs on a singular date which means the system will report what the valuation of stock is up to on the particular date you have chosen.

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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