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Updates: New PO Alerts on Schedule Board, new Admin area, Manage Image Types, Placeholders and more!

Reason For Update: Business Pilot is about making those daily tasks easier and quicker, we are continuously discussing our and your development ideas. We have made further improvements as well as adding in new features.

Outstanding PO’s on Job card.

In line with the status bars and recent outstanding PO work this update now shows any outstanding PO flagged in red directly on the job card when you hover over the board giving you even easier access to relevant scheduling information. As always this will flag provisional (unconfirmed) orders or where the delivery date will not meet the start date of the installation.

Improved Admin Area

Due to the growing list we recently updated the admin are to be grouped by area. To ensure all areas are clean and easy to navigate we have developed this furhter in to a page view.

As shown below the Admin menu will now open in a new browser tab with all the major headings and visible sub-categories making managing & customising your system easier than ever.

Placeholders In Email Subject Line

To make our email templates even more powerful we have now added an option for placeholders within the email subject line so you can reference important information straight from the off. This could be Contract Numbers, Install Dates, Invoice Numbers, Balances or any other information contained within our typical placeholders.

New Manage Image types

Until now our standard Image Types have been hardcoded to the typical areas of the business, Sales/Survey/Installation etc.

We have now introduced a new “Manage Image Types” option within the Admin area which will sit under Documents and Images. This allows you to add additional image types or rename the existing ones if you would like to customise these more to your business.

This new Feature will also enable you to default Image Types to ‘View In App’ meaning they will set automatically and do not need to be selected individually when added. You can chose not to view them instead of course.

This same default feature has also been added to the existing ‘Manage Document Types’ area too. Allowing you to default individual document types to ‘View In App’ saving time on upload or retrospectively adjusting prior to Install or Site Visit.

Discount Applied Field added to Grid Columns & Lead Exports

We have added an additional column within the Lead grid to show you the Discount Applied field. This is a manual field that can be used to show any discount applied to any lead.

As always this can be added to the grid view via the normal method of clicking the three dots and selecting the required columns. – Lets shout out to T&K for suggesting this development idea.

Bug fixes!

Whilst we are constantly working to keep the system as bug free as possible we couldn’t do it without your feedback. Whilst much of this work is done behind the scenes there were some recent fixes we wanted to highlight.

  • Notes being added when progressing within the lead status progression
  • PO’s being stuck at confirmed status when marked as delivered

We noticed a bug which was affecting Notes as an action being added to a Contract or Lead when progressing within the status progression. This has been resolved.

We have also released a fix to resolve some PO’s being stuck at a Confirmed status when when a Marked as Delivered. This was occurring due to the PO quantity being amended down once a reduced quantity had been marked as delivered.

If you think you have spotted any bugs in the system please let us know to ensure these can be resolved!

Upcoming updates

As always we are continuing to work on as many new developments as we can resulting in a signifcant amount of updates in recent weeks. We are starting a larger more intircate feature development now which you can expect to see in the next 3 weeks.

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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