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Updates : Purchase Order Values, Tolerances & Cost Controls!

Reason For Update: Business Pilot understand the difficulties faced in trying to manage profitability in an installation business and how easy it is to lose hard earned margin. Due to this we have brought in some additional controls and flags to our Purchase Order area to try and assist with fluctuating costs. We have also made some other changes around the PO & Schedule board area to improve the flow of information.

Initial PO Value for Provisional Suppliers and Tolerances when Confirming a Purchase Order

When adding a provisional supplier, you can now add a initial Purchase Order Net Value. This is optional but you will be prompted to add a Provisional Value when adding the Provisional Supplier. This will enable you to enter your anticipated products costs in from outset.

This means when the first Purchase Order is added for that Supplier, it will pre-populate the value into the estimated net value box.

If the Purchase Order value needs changing when you receive a Confirmation back from the supplier, your tolerances will be used to ensure no mistakes are made or whether you need to query the supplier/original quotation.

If the value is amended and out of the Purchase Order tolerance range (set from your custom Invoice Tolerance), the system will give you a warning. If you want to continue with the amended price, then select ‘Yes’ to confirm this. Alternatively, if you need to query this prior to approval, then you can select ‘No’ and this will not amend the order amount.

Please see our ‘How To’ video on how to use this function.

New Option within a Purchase Order to affect the Schedule Board

We have introduced a new toggle within a Purchase Order which allows users to select whether or not they would like the Purchase Order to affect the Schedule Board. The toggle will always default to ‘Yes’ which is the current status within BP and drives the current visible bars on the board. However, if this is toggled to ‘No’ this will mean the order will have no effect on the bars within the Schedule Board.

Based on the selection above this PO would then not effect the delivery display on the board.

Overdue Deliveries Highlighted Red

Like the KPI Flags, any overdue deliveries or deliveries to be due, will now be highlighted in red to highlight these further. Any overdue deliveries will still remain at the top by default (subject to the column selected) but the red highlight will emphasise these more.

Totals on PO Grid(s) for Net Value and Invoice Received Value

Within the All and Live Purchase Order grid view, we have now added the totals at the bottom of the columns for Net Value and Net Invoices Received for better tracking and reporting.

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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