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Updates : Service Call Estimated Time, Total Job Costs Value and Live Leads and Contracts Titles!

Reason For Update: More updates? No problem!

We have a further batch of updates and bug fixes to ensure we are continually providing you the best CRM to run your business.

Service Call – Estimated Time

The estimated time selected when booking a Service Call will now populate through to the diary. Diary appointments will open defaulted to the time allocated on the service call.

Please see our ‘How To’ video below on booking a Service Call.

Total Column on Job Costs Grid

We have now introduced a ‘Total Value’ on the Job Costs grid under the Net Value column. This is also replicated in the Job Costs tab within a Contract.

Live Leads/Contracts and Active Contacts Title Page

Previously, ‘Live Leads’ and ‘Live Contracts’ were titled ‘Leads’ or ‘Contract’s’ in their main page grid view. We have now changed these titles too ‘Live Leads’ and ‘Live Contracts’ to match the menu titles and make it more obvious.

Small Bug Fixes

On top of our various updates over the last couple of weeks, we have run various small bug fixes. The main bug reported was the Service Sheet and Lead Sheet displaying across two pages rather than the previous single page display. This has now been resolved.

Did You Know….

We now have our very own Business Pilot Community Forum over on Facebook!

It’s a great space to communicate with other businesses who use Business Pilot for tips and experiences. We’ll also be regularly posting our updates in there and welcoming new businesses who have joined us. We encourage open, positive discussions and hope that this is another way for our users to get the most out of their system.

Please follow the link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/740075241053417

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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