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Updates to Invoices and additions to financial areas

Reason For Update: Business pilot is very proud of its financial areas and how these can be beneficial for all businesses. We are continuing to introduce new features and improve the current ones, to continually make your daily business tasks easier and quicker.

New ‘Manage VAT Code’ Option

This new option is to allow our users business to personalise the VAT codes with BP if you wish. This may be to make them easier for the users to apply or tie in better with your financial system. Equally if you are quite happy with how they have always worked then you can simply leave them as they are!

Within the “Admin” area under “Finance” you now have “VAT Codes”. Here you can see all VAT codes that are currently listed in BP along with their rates and whether they are linked to the ones in Xero.

You can now re-name vat codes to suit how you wish for them to be displayed. For example if you no longer wish for VAT code “T1” to display as this and instead want this to be ‘20% Standard rate’ then you can edit that change.

You can amend this by clicking on the “pencil” icon on the left hand side relevant to this invoice. This will allow you “Update VAT code”.

The “VAT Codes” area also allows you to activate and de-active VAT codes which are not required for use by your company to simplify your lists. This will remove them from the “VAT code drop down” when creating a contract and invoices.

When in the “Mange VAT codes” area you will be able to see the VAT codes which are active and those that have been de-activated. You can make any code Active or Inactive at any time as you require.

Changes to Invoice Restrictions

We have carried out some updates to the way in which it is possible to manage existing invoices within the “Invoices” tab in BP. There are now some additional controls on amending Raised & Settled invoices in BP.

  • Once an invoice has been fully paid this can no longer be updated – Meaning it can not be deleted or credited as it has already been paid.
  • If an invoice has a part payment or credit notes applied this also cannot be changed.

These measures are necessary for the financial exporting and to limit some of the issues some users were having with balances when deleting and crediting paid invoices.

Please note you can also not apply a Credit to Credit type invoice.

Updated Frame Point / TommyTrinder API

We are pleased to inform you we have released a patch on Business Pilot this evening in conjunction with Frame Point/Tommy Trinder to improve the efficiency of the API connectivity.

If you are currently using the link with Tommy Trinder you will need to update the URL you are currently using to ensure you still receive the relevant documents back to BP. The details below list how you can make sure this is updated to continue using Tommy Trinder within Business Pilot.

1. Log into their Tommy Trinder Account. 
2. Go to Settings -> Advanced 
3. Under the tab Business Pilot set the Webhook URL to: https://ttwebhook.businesspilot.co.uk/api/ParseTTWebhook

Hopefully, this is easy to follow but if you have any questions on this please do contact support at either BP or Tommy Trinder. We have updated our online guides and blog as well for future reference

Currency Bug

With help from one of our Euro customers we have identified an intermitent bug with the currency setting and built in a fix to prevent areas of the system defaulting to Sterling. This sat within the ASP.net layer which was originating from the user cookie refreshing itself after set time of inactivity.

Meaning if a BP log-in remained idol for more than 30mins the cookie would refresh itself and, on this refresh, it was defaulting to a standard GB setting which was changing certain server-based displays of currency to £.  This is why many of the fields stayed in EUR because they come from the system setting, not the server.

Upcoming developments

We also are pleased to announce we have just completed a number of major developments which we are excited and keen to release once fully tested within the coming fortnight. Please stay tuned!!

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription! In fact, as a user, we encourage you to propose any development ideas you have ,That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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