Installation Company ERP / CRM


User Experience Improvements

Reason for Update:

Here’s a brief overview of all the bug fixes and small changes we completed this week.


Under Finance, Job Costs the ‘Delete Cost’ and ‘Update Cost’
buttons are again active. 

<<ContractInstallDate>> Placeholder is fixed, this is pulling information from the CRM system into the formatted document templates. 


We have added a placeholder to our list to show how many days the fitters are due on site. Combined with the placeholder this can give a truly accurate indication of your schedule  to the customer via the templated emails and documents.

We have improved our Job Cost report to show individual cost elements of the job which are drive by the allocation of your nominal codes. ie a Sales nominal code cost will appear in the Sales column, a Material cost in the Material Column etc. This will give you an accurate reading of exactly where the costs for each job have arisen from.

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