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Various New Year Improvements!

Reason For Update

We continually find ways to improve the system. This time some of the work just speeds things up for you and some add additional functionality like within the diary, schedule board and email sending.

Status Progression

We’ve added a way to activate and deactivate you Lead and Contract Statuses which means you can refresh and update your pipelines as time goes.


When booking an appointment in the month view this was defaulting the demo booking to a full day. We have added a date/time selection menu to this area.


We have included ‘Postponed due to weather’ in the list of reasons of deletion in the Schedule board. If the Installation needs to be moved due to the rain or snow, we’ve got you covered. 

Mark as Sold

Some jobs ‘marked as sold’ were not appearing in Sales to Confirm (see image). These Contracts were visible on the All Contracts page and the Lead page and are now available on the Sales to Confirm screen.

Purchase Orders

We’ve included the emails you send out to your suppliers in the Purchase Order area to save as notes within the customers file. This will make it easier to see if the relevant orders have been submitted, by who and when.


We have expanded our multiple email dropdowns to include your Suppliers.

With the addition of the dropdown for multiple email addresses when sending, this has changed how sending to email addresses not within the system are dealt with. If you type out the external email address and press enter this now allows you to select this email address. Note, that you must press enter for this to work.

Google Maps

The Google Maps embedded image became inactive on the APP temporarily while we resolved this with Google. We have reinstated this on the APP.

Speeding up your system!

We have recently made changes to how the system works when searching for Purchase Orders in the ‘Record Invoices’ section. Whilst the functionality won’t affect you, you should notice speed improvements, especially if you have lots of records.

We have also improved the loading time of the main grids so that these should load faster too. This is all part of our ongoing ‘under the hood’ refinements to make sure you haver the best system possible.

Service Calls

There was problem with the date filter within the Service Call Page. We’ve fixed this!

Thank you to everyone that have got in touch regarding an improvement or a bug, we appreciate it. If you’ve spotted something that doesn’t look right please contact Business Pilot Support on 01494 211152.

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