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Unlock the full potential of your business with our advanced CRM software. Streamline sales, customer service, and project management, all in one place.

Elevate your business to new heights with our highly recommended business CRM software. Streamline your operations, optimize your workflow and achieve unparalleled efficiency for a more profitable and successful company.

What does a customer relationship management software (CRM) Company do?

A CRM business or a CRM company is a software provider that offers customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to help businesses manage their customer interactions more effectively. A CRM company develops and markets software solutions that can help businesses of all sizes manage their customer data, automate processes, and improve customer engagement.

A CRM company typically offers a range of software solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of different businesses. These solutions may include sales automation tools, marketing automation tools, customer service and support tools, and analytics tools. The software may be offered on a subscription basis or as a one-time purchase, depending on the needs and budget of the business.

CRM companies also offer implementation and support services to help businesses get up and running with their software. This may include training and consulting services to help businesses optimize their use of the software and achieve their business goals.

The ultimate goal of a customer relationship management software company is to help businesses improve their customer relationships and drive growth. By providing businesses with the tools and insights they need to manage their customer interactions more effectively, CRM companies can help businesses better understand their customers, deliver more personalized service, and ultimately, improve their bottom line.

status section and map section in our crm for builders

Business Pilots business management software

Firstly, with a direct link from your website to Business Pilot, you will find our software has been created to make sure you maximise your sales opportunities. And when you’re ready to turn a lead into a sale, you will find the process seamless. Your sales team can take site photos and video or upload voice memos to ensure that with full access, the rest of the team never miss a thing.

Our Interactive schedule board works with your contract screen and vice versa. If you don’t have confirmed delivery dates from suppliers, your board will flag that the planned installation date has items required that are not confirmed for delivery.

Job details are automatically sent to the correct installers, simply because the system knows which Site App to send details to, based on jobs assigned. Interactive and intelligent linking!

Our financial management features not only help you connect data from Business Pilot to your financial accounting system but also to drill down to key numbers of the business directly inside Business Pilot in real time. It is so easy to see which jobs created the highest profit.

Stock Management System

Elevate your business with Custom Stock Management. At Business Pilot, we go beyond the basics to offer a tailor-made stock management system, taking your CRM experience to the ultimate, next level. Our bespoke development enables businesses to streamline stock operations, from efficient stock addition to seamless stock order management.

Stay organised with stock assignment to customer contracts and stay on top of your jobs effortlessly. With features like stock delivery management, insightful reports, and low-stock email alerts, our stock system empowers your business for unrivalled success.

Business Pilot is a construction project management software that helps construction business managers plan and execute projects with greater efficiency. It includes features such as budget and schedule tracking, resource management, document management, and business CRM systems.

Business CRM systems allows the software to keep track of customer interactions, leads, and sales. This helps in building better relationships with clients and streamlining the sales process. Business Pilot is designed to help construction project managers stay on top of every aspect of a project, from budget and schedule to safety and compliance.

This software helps in collaboration between different departments and allows better communication with clients, leading to improved project outcomes and ultimately, increased profitability for the construction business.


Read more on how our Construction project manager software can help your business.

So, what makes Business Pilot software so different?

Our software can enable companies to keep on top of the whole lifecycle of the project to keep it in scope and budget and making sure all the tools needed are avilable at the correct time so the whole process is totally streamlined. To see why Business Pilot is the best crm software for your company, why not give our free trial a go, dig around yourself. We’re very happy to carry out a demo to show you how it all works, but in the meantime, just take look and we know you will love this business -management system.

Business Management Software from Business Pilot

Improve efficiency, enhance productivity, and facilitate decision-making by providing centralised control and real-time visibility into key business processes

Business Pilot software works perfectly for all installation company needs. Business owners will benefit from all the tools available to help run a full project from early sales to job scheduling to dispatching materials and the ongoing work and invoicing.

Our installation CRM software brings full clarity to all operations, this gives installers complete control over all job movements to maximize efficiency and lower costs. This will help deliver the best services to your customers.

We are happy to say that installation companies prefer Business Pilot over any other CRM software tool. Read more on how our Installation company software can help your business.

Whether installing windows and doors is the core area of your business or if it’s simply part of the process of your overall construction project, Business Pilot CRM is the software of choice for your glazing installation project needs.

Organizing everything from sales all the way through the job to the invoicing process, we bring a simplicity and complete functionality to everything you do. We understand first hand which features actually help you and your team to provide a better service to your customers, with greater profit and less hassle.

We are happy to say that window and door companies prefer Business Pilot over any other CRM software tool. Read more on how our Window fitting customer service software can help your business.

Business Pilot will help you keep track of all projects and contact in your sales pipeline, being both comprehensive and yet very easy to use. You will save both time and money by reducing all the manual communications work and day to day organization of your contracts and projects, let Business Pilot do the heavy lifting for you.

In a new and exciting industry, we can help expand market penetration with our solar panel installers CRM system. Manage a strong customer relationship with our simple automation and application tools. This is the ideal software choice for creating revenue and seeing profitability.

We are happy to say that solar panel companies prefer Business Pilot over any other CRM software tool. Read more on how our Solar panel company CRM software can help your business.

Make sure your alarm company can run every part of your job cycle fast, effective and efficiently. You can make sure that your team works together is a perfectly streamlined process, boost productivity and efficiency with an all-in-one customer relationship management software tool.

Grow your business by inspiring customer loyalty while increasing sales. When using Business Pilot software our entire team, from sales all the way through the installation process right through to the final aftercare, have total confidence when using our software tools. It will give both employees and customers confidence what the job will run smoothly and therefore even prepare you for up sell opportunities after the job has finished.

We are happy to say that alarm companies prefer Business Pilot over any other CRM software tool. Read more on how our Alarm company crm software can help your business.

Business Pilot CRM is tailored to various installation businesses, including window fitting, solar panel installation, and alarm companies. It streamlines the processes from sales to invoicing, with features like seamless job scheduling, effective stock management, and integrated financial tools. These functionalities enhance operational efficiency, reduce manual work, and improve customer relationship management across different installation sectors​​.

Business Pilot offers comprehensive support for new users, including ‘how-to’ videos and the option for an onboarding day with system setup and training. They also provide continuous assistance and the opportunity to talk through how other installation companies have successfully integrated Business Pilot into their operations. This approach ensures our users can fully leverage the CRM’s features for business improvement​​.

Business Pilot CRM significantly improves customer service by streamlining communication and service management. It allows for efficient management of service calls, remedials, and guarantees, ensuring that customer inquiries and issues are addressed promptly and effectively. The system’s ability to integrate with financial reporting tools further aids in maintaining a consistent and high-quality customer service experience. This integration ensures that businesses can manage customer interactions efficiently while maintaining a clear overview of their financial health​​.

Try Business Pilot for Free

As part of our free trial, we will send ‘how to’ videos to help you get to grips with the Business Pilot Installation company CRM system. Because the system is much more than a regular CRM, we are even on hand to talk you through how other installation companies are using Business Pilot as a business improvement system. If you would prefer to book a call with an existing user before the trial, call our sales team on 0333 050 7506 or use the live chat facility.

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