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Business Pilot ‘A Lot Less Time Consuming’

This episode of ‘Elton chats to’ features Callum Hennessey, who manages the sales at Affix Windows – a window and door installation company based in Kent.

When Callum first joined the business, everything was run on spreadsheets and whiteboards – similar to many other installers who come on board with Business Pilot.

Affix Windows looked at other CRMs and after trying a couple out, could see the benefit of using a system to run the business, but the ones they had tested weren’t delivering what they needed, which is when they looked at Business Pilot.

Callum says:

“Being able to have it all consolidated into one thing, where we can manage everything together, it’s not on one person to keep everything updated….when I started, that was me, trying to keep that spreadsheet up to date, which as the company progresses becomes more and more work to try and fill in.

“At least now, between the few of us that are in the office, we can all jump in and update as we go. It makes it a lot less time consuming…”

In terms of features, email templates in BPmail have really helped Callum to save lots of time and ensure that customers always have all of the information they need. Meanwhile, the BPsite App has removed the need for printing off job sheets for fitting teams to pick up from the yard every morning. It’s also helped them be more self-reliant, because they have access to all the job details, including customer contact details.

“If they’re running 10 minutes late to a job, they can give the customer a call and say, I’m running a little bit behind. It’s made it a lot smoother.”

Plus, the FENSA API means that registering jobs for certification takes just a few seconds rather than it being a long-winded weekly admin session:

“We’re not sitting there trying to fill out the customer’s name, address, phone number, email and things like that. It’s already there. It’s just how many windows, how many doors…basically, it just takes it away from being a specific job.”

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Callum!

You can watch the full chat between Callum and Elton on our YouTube channel.

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