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Business Pilot ‘is helping us grow’

Trade Counter Mate is a network of trade counters, with branches in Crawley, Eastbourne, Shoreham by Sea and Swindon.

Wanting to implement a digital-first approach to sales and operations across all Trade Counter Mate branches, Managing Director Andrew Davies was looking for a system that could be implemented across the network to improve efficiency and give better overall visibility of branch performance.

Due to the nature of their business, Trade Counter Mate uses our CRM system in a different way to most of our users, but the core features have helped Andrew’s team to go paper-light and improve the speed of in-branch customer service.

Andrew says: “because of the volume of quotes we’re doing as a trade counter…we’re doing somewhere in a region of 300 to 400 quotes a week…that could be a lot of paper… it’s quite a fast-paced environment, so to be able to get those quotes out quickly, get them onto a system, but then crucially when [customers] walk in, we can just tap in the reference or their contact name and there it is. It’s all there.”

Trade Counter Mate utilises our branch feature, which means that data from every trade counter can be seen in the system, or information can be filtered to look at individual branch performance.

“The dashboards are fantastic,” says Andrew. “Although we’ve got four branches and you can limit each user to only their own branch, we’ve actually set it up so that everyone can see everything and we can filter the data according to the branch if needed on the grids, but everyone can see all the numbers going through and that’s creating a competitive culture which we’re loving.”

In his chat with Elton, Andrew also had some special mentions for the Business Pilot team, which we always love to hear!

“Rebecca was just fantastic…we had remote training across the branches, which is obviously the best way to do it when we’ve got four different locations… the sessions were just very clear. She obviously knows the system incredibly well.

“I want a special mention for Katie as well. She comes back very quickly, which is great. I do love the little support button!”

Most importantly, using our business management system is supporting Andrew to drive the business forward and he is a big fan of how we do things at Business Pilot.

“It is helping us grow. It’s exciting to be working with a company, that’s also innovating all the time…we were one of the first people to take on the branch [feature] and it’s great to be working with you guys closely on that.”

You can watch the full chat between Andrew and Elton on our YouTube Channel.

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