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Schedule Board Improvements and a few additional features

Reason For Update: We have improved our schedule board further by adding fitting values to the board, call details to our service call overlay and expanded on the limitations on the number of bookings you can schedule. In addition, we have made improvements to our recent releases on the Fensa Portal, emails, and Stock system.

Weekly Fitting Values on Schedule Board

The schedule board has been enhanced to include a live Fitting Value for each week.

There is now the fit value for the week in the header containing the week number, which is based on the visible items on the board and each day’s value, as per the value found within the fitting tab in the contract.

When jobs are scheduled or moved around, the value of the week will change, giving you an up to minute report on the revenue for the week—tying in the idea of our Financial Fitting Report and the schedule board altogether!

This is also tied to the Team Filter and Customised Schedule Boards, meaning you will only see the value of the teams, lines or weeks in view!

View Service Call details from Schedule Board:

When choosing to ‘Show Service Calls’ on the schedule board, you can now view the Service Call detail from the board without the need to go over to the Diary.

Now, when you double click on a service call, you can see a screen with the details of the service call.

Schedule board booking limits

We have now given you the ability to change the limits on the number of jobs you are able to book on any one day. The settings are controlled per board.

If you head to the Admin menu and select ‘Manage Schedule – Manage Boards’ you can choose the board to edit:

There are four new options:
The first two control the number of days/half days you can have in a single day when you are manually adding a job to a day or moving a job into that day.
The second two control the auto-booking function, where the system searches for the next available slot for your booking. It is still generally advised to keep to 1 full day job a day or two half-day jobs since over these limits means that it can be harder to see if there are more jobs in the day, but they are hidden below. You can tell if there are more jobs by a scroll bar appearing on the right-hand edge of the day like in the below:

Please note that the current default setting of the Schedule board is 1 Full Day and 4 Half (Partial) Days.

The manage options are restricted to two Full Days and eight Half (Partial) Days.

A few additional feature developments have also been released as follows:

Additional Features on FENSA API:

We have now enabled the ability to select energy ratings for products.

The default selection is still for U-Value with no rating. Changing the ‘rating type’ now allows you to select if they are rated exactly as it does on the FENSA Portal. If you are using the rating, then simply supply your licence number and rating value.

When submitting the registration on BP, we have also added an automatic note within the contract to detail the products & ratings submitted.

There was also a mandatory field on the submission page for the customer’s telephone, which has now been removed, if you wish to delete this, you can.

For those who haven’t tried it, we have linked both the contract guarantees area and the company settings page to our blog article, which describes how to set up the link between the two systems.

Enhancement of Stock System, Current item price:

After the release of the Stock system last week, we have added a field for each stock item for you to be able to record the current purchase price of the item for reference. This allows you to refer back to what you previously paid and keep on top of supplier pricing.

WIP Report

The current ‘Status’ (Pipeline – Status) and ‘Status Date’ of the contract have been added to the WIP report.

Email signature tests:

When sending test emails from the system, either from the company settings or user settings area, you will also see how your signature would appear.

Email and phone number added to appointment description in iCal feed:

If the lead or service call has an email or phone number, it will now appear in the appointment description.

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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