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Live/ All Purchase Orders, Diary, Email and more.

A belated Happy New Year to all our users! We hope everyone has had a successful start to 2022! To continue where we left off we have been working hard on the development of BP since the restart! For our first release of the new year, we’ve included updates in Purchase Orders, the Diary, Emails and Documents, the Lead page, Contract page, a couple of Reports, and Job Costs.

A new ‘Live POs’ area being those confirmed or provisional, all contains those and delivered

We have replicated the Live/ All section we recently brought into the Service Call area into the Purchase Orders.

Orders that are Provisional, or Confirmed will be in ‘Live’, any that are marked as delivered along with the Provisional and Confirmed orders can be found in ‘All’. This means all orders that you are waiting on are ready and easier to view and track in Live Orders. This also makes loading speeds faster by not having to draw on completed orders, although these can still be viewed from the ‘All POs’ area.

Email from template

We have enabled document templates to attach by default to email templates, so you can select certain document templates to send alongside emails. This is an Admin level feature, please visit the Admin menu if available in your account and head to manage email templates to include this feature into your system.

These also tie in automatically to your email actions set up in your pipelines. If you would like to see more on this topic please see our how-to video.

Exclude docs from email option

We’ve added a new tick box to enable you to exclude certain documents, saved in the customer record, from being emailed out of BP.

Once enabled, the document cannot be sent by any user – great for any financial/sensitive documentation you do not wish the customer to receive by accident. This hides the email icon in the document area and within the attach existing file area as pictured below.

If selected all users will not be able to email out of the documents area on the Lead and Contract page…

or when composing an email throughout the system.

Install Contact Address phone VOIP icon and and Direct email link

We’ve mimicked the recent changes in the Contact page over to the Lead page, where we have included an icon for a direct call. This means these numbers can now trigger the device (computer or mobile) default call handler. – in MS Windows, this could be Skype etc., or it can link in with a desktop VOIP app, or on a mobile, it will initiate the call.

We have also included these fields as placeholders options for email and documents as well. Head over to your admin menu, manage Document Templates and click the (i) icon beside the page detail for a full list of placeholders, see our how-to video,

Product type and Interest available to view in the Contract page

We’ve brought through the Product Type and Product Interest into the Contact details within the Contract page for easier viewing, great to see while booking in appointments and the installation.

Billing phone number in Fitting Schedule report

We’ve included an additional column in the Fitting Schedule Report to contain the phone number of the contact (main number).

Sales report to include Non-Defined sales

Any sales that have not been allocated to a Sales Representative now appear in the Sales Report PDF. This was already enabled in the Excel Report.

Delete bulk upload templates

Did you know you can import a batch of job costs at once into Business Pilot? Find a nice and easy template to use here. If you have ever tried setting up the template to match the fields to such import sheets, you can now remove any you no longer use.

Make use of Screenshots on emails

Now if you would like to embed a screenshot into an email this will pull through to the sent copy, and have an record displayed in the Activity tab, please note these screenshots cannot be directly saved to Business Pilot Documents and Images.

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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